An Unravelling Ball Of Wool

One Bourbon. Two Bourbon. Three Bourbon, Four...!

14 November
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I have shown others a more, perfected side to my life. I show the world around me a picture of a happy, carefree, innocent 17-year-old girl. As depressing as it sounds, my life's nothing but. The neglected child, the abused and alone pre-teen, the confused and socially inept teenager. Turning to the keyboard, putting my thoughts into a story, somewhat changes my mindset, perhaps turning me, partially, into the girl I want to be. I now rather enjoy the local teenagers scene, under age drinking and smoking and evading the police, but I'm also studious, I like to study and do well at school. My last year of school is approaching and I am hoping to attend university the year after, to become a Early Childhood Teacher. Not what you were expecting? I find myself to be rather confusing at times.